Hi. I'm Dan Rapaport.

And this is my simple website

I'm a technology analyst, consultant, and web/application developer with decades of experience working with hardware and software solutions.

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I design and build amazing things.

I am passionate about crafting technology solutions that integrate flawlessly with people and organizations

Application Development

I love building and maintaining websites/applications because it requires delving into the business processes and logic so that you can integrate technology.

Whatever languages and framework the project calls for, you can be certain I'll be up to the task, whether it be a full blown logistics system or a 3 page website.

Database Management

Experience with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle. From queries to stored procedures to reporting and data mining to data conversion and archiving, I love SQL!


IthacaDomains.com makes it possible for individuals and organizations to buy and sell Internet domains and services. We include free services such as email forwarding and DNS.

Some developers hold their client's domains under their own name, instead of the clients. While this assures them administrative access it also means that a client needs the developer's cooperation to switch to another developer or hosting company.

With IthacaDomains.com you are in control of your domain properties 24/7 on our site operated by one of the world's biggest domain registrars, with multi-sited servers. IthacaDomains.com is a great choice for registering your domain.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

Here's a small sample of what my clients have said.

Christopher Grant
Founder of GORGES

"Dan is an expert technician. He is equally skilled in many areas of Internet technology, including programming, system design, databases and maintenance. Dan listens well and works carefully to minimize rework. He is reliable and punctual and follows through with his promises. Dan has always been a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services."

David Wickwire
President & CEO at Mobius Business Solutions, LLC

"Dan is responsive to and thoughtful of organizational needs... He quickly comprehends those needs and efficiently implements the necessary work."

Naomi Engelman,
Owner of QB, LLC

Dan is extremely attentive and insightful. He understands what can and can't be done within a budget and always provides great value. He is super responsive and easy to work with. I have used Dan's services for a number of projects and strongly recommend him.

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